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  • We have moved to a faster server
  • Broken videos are now working


2 New Videos In Sick Section


New videos in all sections


Two flash videos return

Worlds Ending ...

Minor Update

Fixed a few spelling errors.

New Direction

So, the site hasn't been updated content wise, for a good few months. The reason is simple, I don't really want to spend my time finding vile vids. With this said, the content already on here will remain, and should I come across something that I think others may take interest in (sick interest), then i'll of course, dump it on here.

So, this brings to the point of 'what to host?'. Theres a few things i'd like to stick on here, or at least mirror link to other sites. The content itself is beneficial to a massive amount of people, and I suspect those who come to this site initially would actually appreciate what the links have to offer. I'll never post links to sites that will give malware or spyware, only those that people have either recommended, or can be verified as trustworthy.

Ultimately, content wise, nothing is going to happen any time soon. I'd like to get round to amending the design at some point like I said last month, i'd also like to settle on a colour scheme that I will like for more than 2 months.

Got a suggestion? Send me a comment!

Visual Improvements

A couple of visual improvements. Will be amending the colour scheme in the coming weeks, along with improving the layout of some things.

Broken Videos Now Working

A couple of the videos were not working/streaming correctly. This should now be fixed. Please comment/contact should you find any more problems!

Server Migration

The sites nameservers are updating currently. If you have trouble viewing the website correctly, this will most likely be the reason behind it. If all has gone well, the site should be working correctly once they have updated fully. If, after 24hours, you still have problems viewing the site, please use the contact form on the website and let me know what issues you are experiencing!

To confirm if you are on the new server, if you ping the address, it should resolve to the following IP:

New Year, New Things, Eventually.

First up, happy new year! As any regular, or new person is probably aware, this site hasn't been updated in a long time. The reason is simple, i'm too lazy. I do however, still respond to emails, and comments that have been left

I do plan on providing some new updates in the coming months, but they are not my priority. Whilst I still support the activity of freedom of information, and that censorship should not be allowed, I'm not exactly a fan of going out and finding the content, and neither is anyone else who has contributed to the site in the past. For this reason, we ask YOU, THE PUBLIC, the leave your comments with videos you would like added, and we will then go and find them for you (unless you provide a link of course).

In the mean time, go watch some porn and toss one out.


A small update. Couple of bugs have been fixed with an update to the flash player for the videos. Hopefully those who mailed in saying they don't work will no longer have problems. They work here, so I'm not going to stress over it that much. I will be adding some more content over the next few week, I have other commitments at the moment and this site is on my 'low priority' i'm afraid, so updates will be slow.

In the mean time, i'll be adding various blog updates, most likely mini rants and moans about things, with the occassional funny image I have.

New Blog Post

There is a new blog post. Nothing disgusting this time, but I mini rant I have done on gays and how some are major hypocrits and huge drama queens. Go read, and I demand you agree with my points or I shall rage quit out of your world.

Gay Peoples Sensitivity Issues

Two New Sick Videos

We have added 2 new videos to the site. These can be found below for ease of access.

Budd Dwyer Suicide Video Added

A new video, submitted by forum member 'Deansaster' has been added. A guy called Budd Dwyer, American politician who commited suicide at a press conference. Not one i'd seen before, but well worth a look.

EDIT: Fixed Link

New Videos Added

A couple of new videos have been added, see below for details:

And finally, not related to some form of killing:

Testing Area For Public Viewing :O

Block Quotes

This is a big quote area i'd assume. Lets test what happens when it utilises 2 paragraphs

Testing second paragraph.

3rd paragraph. I may use these more.